Nature versus Culture

"The interaction between nature and culture - and the relationship between construction and de-construction, I have always found to be interesting. To find the balance between nature itself and our desire to live in a “perfect” and designed world... 

The classic vessel is always the starting point and the result can be functional or sculptural. Lately the works have turned purely sculptural although the vesssel still can be seen. The glazes have gone and the clay allowed to speak for itself.

All works are handbuilt unique pieces. The clay is a mix of stoneware clays with additions of up to 60 % grog and sand. I usually refire 3-4 times to achieve the desired result." 

Photo: Oman 1974


"I am a self-taught ceramist. During the years 1974-1986 I was living in Oman, Sarawak and Brunei, Borneo where I made my first pots. I  knew nothing about clay, glazes, kilns and firings so It was all learning by doing as there were no other potters in Brunei. Mountains and tropical rain forests cover most of the island and small riverbanks revealed the fine white clay. With additions of silica sand (found locally) an red grog collected from a small brickfactory I made a very interesting stoneware clay, firing to 1280°  in my gas kiln  - and perfect for the Japanese glazes I was using at that time."

Photo: Brunei 1986